Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Seashore - Sex War on the Beach

In recent weeks I have been working with the great M. Petri, writing a long sexfight novel that, today, we finally introduce to you. During 14 chapters and 467 pages we narrate an exciting rivalry that I'm sure everyone here will enjoy.
The description:

"When Ariel Brynner—a gorgeous American blonde—and Raquel Vega—a stunning Spanish brunette—came to the coastal tourist village on holiday to temporarily get away from their stressful lives full of jealous women and competitiveness, they never thought that the paradisiacal place would become a suffocating hell of envy and passion because of the unexpected presence of the other woman, the only one who could match them physically and mentally.

Get ready for an intense sexual rivalry between two extraordinary women for six long days: on the beach, at nightclubs or anywhere where they meet, hatred and lust will force their curvaceous bodies together in burning hot, sexual warfare."

The cover, thanks to R3born:


Para mis amigos hispanohablantes, en unos días la novela estará  disponible en castellano :)

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